Engineering Design



STS project engineering includes the systems, configuration, data and ILS support disciplines. The design and drafting group presently employsComputer Aided Design (CAD) stations using the latest AutoCAD/Inventor applications. STS produces engineering drawings generated to the ASME Y14 series as required by contracts, or drawings can be produced to commercial standards. Also, all wiring diagrams and Interface Control Documents are produced on CAD stations.


Configuration Management

The STS Configuration Management system defines the establishment of baselines from contract and technical documentation requirements. A family of supporting procedures control engineering releases and change orders, material releases, manufacturing orders and discrepant material dispositions to insure auditability and complete definition of all configuration items at any point in the production cycle.

CAD Engineering.jpeg

Data Management

The STS Data Management system begins with the development of a listing of all CDRL items including frequency, due dates, customer response requirements and responsible persons for developing the item. A library of data item descriptions is built up for each data item. This library is maintained with the data listing and a copy of the appropriate description supplied to each data item generator. The data manager uses these listings and related descriptions to monitor the timely generation of deliverable data and insure correctness of format and content.

Integrated Logistics Support Management

As a subcontractor for military programs, STS does not maintain an Integrated Logistics Support organization. Normally, ILS is treated as part of the project engineering function. During the bid effort, the type and degree of logistic support required by the prime contractor is established. Reliability, maintainability, provisioning and other information are established, developed and provided to the prime contractor for incorporation into the formal ILS program.

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