Quality Assurance

Quality Management System

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The STS Quality Management System (QMS) is certified to ISO 9001:2015 by an ANAB accredited registrar, indicating our commitment to producing quality products and satisfied customers.

Our QMS program sets forth the procedures and controls which are employed during the planning, procurement, storage, manufacturing, inspection and shipment phases of all products we produce.

Our Quality Assurance Department verifies that product requirements are met by monitoring and measuring its characteristics at the appropriate planned stages of the product realization.  Verification records are maintained as evidence of the product’s conformity with the acceptance criteria.



STS’ electronic inspection and assembly personnel are trained by an IPC-A-610 Instructor to the standard. STS welding inspection capabilities are certified in accordance with guidelines of SNT-TC-1A to Visual and Magnetic Particle Testing – Level I & II. Our inspection department maintains a full complement of gages and measuring equipment that is periodically certified using masters traceable to National Institute of Standards and Technology. Optical and electronic test equipment is periodically certified to meet or exceed the manufacturer’s specifications.